How Skin Peeling Works

Surely, everyone who has heard of it who are particularly dark-skinned would want to have it. Who wouldn’t want to?! It promises you lighter and fairer skin in just a short span of time. But before you decide to take it, it is important that you need to know more about it. In fact, aside from wanting to know more about it, you also need to find a credible medical professional just like Michael Zacharia to have the procedure done for you. Skin peeling isn’t something that you would do rashly without ever having to plan thoroughly for it and know more about it.


Basically, skin peeling works by removing the outer layer of the skin which consist mostly of dead skin cells. Once this will be removed, it can address a number of skin imperfections such as aging, acne and even hyperpigmentation. In fact, it can even remove scars. With the help of a good medical professional such as Michael Zacharia, it can even de-congest skin pores which will help in the proper stimulation of elastin and collagen. In effect, the moment the outer layer has been removed, any topical product which will help in the elasticity and good maintenance of the skin will provide better results as they easily penetrate to the skin resulting to more effective results.

There are now a lot of skin peels available for your choosing. There is the superficial peel which is commonly being used by most beauty professionals. The second is the medium depth peel which goes deeper than the superficial one. This actually goes through a peeling process and is most commonly considered as a one-off treatment. Finally, there is the deep peel. This type of procedure is only being used in very serious cases such as sun damage. Its down time effect can be very extreme and might even take you months to recover.